August 26, 2022

Examining the World of Fashion & Media

Who Is Accountable for What Is Seen?

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We need to restructure the way we look at the media.

We need to restructure the way we think about the media.

We need to restructure the way we appreciate the media.

We as people have to be taught that what we see on TV or in the ads is not enviable by any means; it’s art. Art is not meant to be resonant in appearance but feeling. You’re meant to be influenced and impacted by the clothes and makeup that the models wear, not how they fucking look. If you’re not one to agree with a brand’s showcase of models, artists, etc. It is on you to then boycott it or disengage.

Although brands would love for you to buy entire racks of their clothing, it’s pretty impossible due to inventory and just general human nature. If everyone wore the same Fendi coat in your neighbourhood, there is virtually no way that you would want to wear that same coat because you’re not going to get that same feeling of uniqueness that you would otherwise.

Reframing the media is possibly the most important thing to teach children as they make the jump from cartoons and animation to real-life sitcoms and Disney Channel shows. We’re fortunate to see real boys and girls with human-like bodies like The Raven Symone and Kyle Massey. They had frames that all adolescents do, and it’s important to see such.

Modelling campaigns and runway shows are incredibly different, though. They’re meant to showcase high-level artistry in the mode of couture. There's no rulebook that states that we have to look like what we see. If it bothers you, let it be known by disengaging and taking your argument to the forums. Yes, it can be fucking annoying seeing the same models everywhere, but that’s never going to change too much. Perfection is what these big fashion houses seek.

I do agree that it’s shitty seeing people that look nothing like us plastered across campaigns. But if you think about it deeply, you would understand that there was absolutely NO way that you were ever going to be born with similar features as a model of different ethnicity. Yes, we all want cheekbones and big lips, but it’s unrealistic to think we’d have those genetics come in. You think I wanted my dad’s bald ass genetics, hell fucking no hoe. I prefer the genetics of Harry Styles’s makers.

Irina Shayk for Moschino | He Who Nose
Irina Shayk for Moschino, 2021

Another point, retouching should not be looked down upon. Retouching is not human. It is creativity and requires the talent of a graphic designer. It should be regarded as such.    

What does need to be changed are people not letting the world know that they’re retouching. We, ordinary people, do it all of the time with our filters and Facetune. If you’re a celebrity that touts self-love and natural beauty, there is ABSOLUTELY no fucking way that you cannot disclose your retouching habits. Where’s the fear Ms. “Beauty is Skin Only Deep”?

You’re going to be mad at the fact that Irina Shayk’s legs look photoshopped in the Moschino Spring 2021 ad campaign but are choosing to forgive the puppet strings she’s fiercely strapped to? Where’s the logic in that? It’s an idea; it’s a story, and therefore, it’s meant to showcase the garments and the brand experience.

What A Life of Beauty Must Truly Be Like

It’d be wrong of me not to touch on the effect of retouching on models and entertainers. Imagine what it does to their self-esteem when they go home and realize that even they will never look like what they do in those campaigns. Retouching makes them think they actually are perfect until they look in the mirror and realize that their lips are not soft plush pillows, somewhat deflated Party City balloons. I mean, how does that make them feel? No one asks those questions.

Aside from most of the big labels being parented by a mega-conglomerate like LVMH or Kiering, most of these independent labels should be racking in big bucks with the support of their communities. Yet prominent figures in entertainment still happen to jump onto the yacht of the enormous shark. Hmmm...make it make sense.

The End User Needs to be Aware Rather than Considered

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun understanding more about autonomy and true self-love. I’m not going to sit here and lie, saying that I always love every part of myself. That’s BS. I hate my dark circles, my hairline, and my skinny wrists. But then again, I love that I’m working with what I have. That’s what real life is—working with what you have. If you’re down for a procedure, you do you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with adjusting your beauty; the autonomy lies in your hands.

The Showbiz industry is unique in that the scandals that rock major labels will fade before your eyes in seconds. All of the dominant figures in fashion that barely showcased diversity still have top-tier talent backing their every collection. It shows you many things but mostly that people view fashion and media for what it is, a makeup of strategic decisions, graphic design, visual manipulation, and storytelling. It’s not necessarily real life, and it doesn’t even have to be.

Fashion is about the experience, vision, and creative execution. You’re meant to be moved by the runways, campaigns, and events that labels put on. You can fight for diversity as much as you want, but it won’t change the industry. What you can do is stop engaging with the labels that have nothing of importance to you.



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