He and His Damn Nose

Where does the name come from? Here's a better question: where did this nose come from?
In the moments when you have nothing to do, hop over here and read me bitch about skinny jeans and denim joggers.

Finding My Purpose

Purpose means different things. For me, it has nothing to do with validation nor positive affirmation. Purpose is very internally motivated for me. Writing fell into my lap and I felt a connection to this art form like nothingI had never experienced before. My thoughts, feeling, and opinions have found their vessel.

I, Like You, Am Human

I'm one person. All blogs and graphics are designed by moi. It may take time for me to publish stories; I have a full-time job and I intend on keeping it that way. I will make mistakes (and probably already have), I ask that you remain patient and take the blog for what it is: an amalgamation of me: He.

Fuck the Fear. It's Time to Live.

Throughout my life, I have experienced neglect, bullying, and judgement at the hands of others. For the longest time, I thought I was okay and that "I had survived," when in reality, my personality, mood, and expression took a fucking hit. You don't go through this type of shit and make it to the other side feeling the same. You lose parts of yourself that you cut ties with in fear of being labelled a certain thing or being perceived a certain way.

I have only now begun loving myself for who I am and what I've become. I am worthy, I have stories to tell, and most importantly, my nose is getting bigger. I keep staring at it. Fuck.

Back to the fear. I say fuck it. I will likely continue experiencing bouts of it in my forward years, but I vow to eliminate its hold on me. I'm, as the thirteen-year-old me would say, a bad bitch. And likely you are too. Either that or you're lost. Hi ma'am, this is not your local rhinoplasty clinic. But do still send me your bank account information.